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Papers and projects

Viliam Páleník: Healthcare in the context of the silver economy .pdf

Moderninzation of Marcoeconomic Forecasting in Ukraine, project RTI US AID 2007- 2008, ISBN: 978-966-8274-15-2

Nominal wages development trends in dependence on age and sex of employmentses, EMPA, 2002, (Research project, Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the SR)

Macroeconomic forecast of 110kV nodes based on expected electricity consumption (EMPA, 2007)

Midterm Projections of the macroeconomic development in Slovak Republic's health care system, EMPA, 2001-2002, (Research project, World Bank)

Economic Policy Analysis of the Slovak Republic in the Sphere of Financial Market Development, EMPA, 1995-1997, (Research project ACE PHARE 94-0735-R)